Experience the Future of Hookah with the Revolutionary EXOH Hookah!

Are you tired of the mess and hassle that comes with using a traditional hookah? Say hello to the EXOH Hookah – the world's first portable hookah that uses no coal, no fire, and no water. Instead, our hookah uses three EXOH Hookah pens that are plugged into the vapor pen adapter attached to the top bulb. When you inhale from the hose, the pens automatically turn on and fill the top bulb with flavorful vapor that flows through to the hoses for a satisfying hookah experience.

Not only is the EXOH Hookah convenient and easy to use, it also offers a safer alternative to traditional hookahs. Our hookah pens are 95% safer than traditional hookahs and cigarettes, as they contain no tar, CO, or other harmful toxins. Plus, our hookah pens are completely tobacco and nicotine-free, so you can enjoy the flavor without any guilt.

But that's not all – the EXOH Hookah is also compatible with cbd/thc oil cartridges. Simply unplug one of the Exoh Hookah pens and replace it with an oil cartridge screwed into our buttonless rechargeable battery, which comes included with the hookah. This allows you to enjoy a whole new range of flavors and experiences with your EXOH Hookah.

With two stylish designs to choose from – the EXOH Premium Hookah and the EXOH Mini Hookah – you can enjoy the convenience and flavor of the EXOH Hookah virtually anywhere. The EXOH Premium Hookah has a larger, handmade base with a plush fabric wrap, while the EXOH Mini Hookah has a compact design that fits in most cup holders and is perfect for on-the-go use.

People are already raving about the EXOH Hookah, calling it the smoothest hookah they've ever tried. Don't miss out on this revolutionary hookah experience – try the EXOH Hookah today!

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