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Luxury Designer Hookahs
Slim, sleek, and luxuriously designed for any kind of party, this collection of vapor hookahs from Exoh is the ultimate source for an edgy accessory. Functional, practical, but still boasting high-design, any one is the perfect addition to your collection of paraphernalia - you can even take it on the go.
Product Description
The Exoh XL Vapor Hookah is the world's first fully functional portable vapor hookah. The XL has a beautiful new-age design, making it an elegant addition to your living space or business, while it gives off a subtle glow with each puff taken. Since there is no need to burn coals or add water like a traditional hookah, you can enjoy the XL virtually anywhere with no preparation or cleanup needed.
You can let all 4 of your hookah flavor pens to have the same flavor for one strong vapor cloud flavor, or mix and match your hookah flavor pens to create new vapor flavors. These hookahs are compatible with dry herb pens, wax pens, oil pens, e-juice pens, and CBD pens. Simply plug your 4 hookah flavor pens into the flavor pen adapter piece, tighten the adapter piece into the top bulb, and place it inside of the base, and you're ready to start enjoying smooth, mouthwatering clouds.