Welcome to EXOH Products LLC: The Home of the World's First Portable Hookah

Welcome to EXOH Products, the home of the world's first portable hookah that blends the flavor and power of three premium EXOH Hookah pens. We are a Black-owned company founded and led by Brandon Hudson, the inventor of the EXOH Hookah.

At EXOH Hookahs, we are dedicated to creating innovative and high-quality products that enhance your everyday life. Our signature EXOH Hookah is a revolutionary new product that allows you to enjoy the flavor and power of three premium EXOH Hookah pens in one sleek, modern design. Its subtle glow and elegant design make it the perfect addition to any living space or hookah lounge.

But the EXOH Hookah is more than just a pretty face – it's also incredibly practical. Unlike traditional hookahs, the EXOH Hookah requires no preparation or cleanup, making it easy to use and enjoy virtually anywhere. And for those looking for a more portable option, we offer a selection of long-lasting disposable hookah pens. Our EXOH Hookah Pens are nicotine and tobacco-free, delivering thick, flavorful clouds without any guilt. In fact, our hookah pens are 95% safer than traditional hookahs and cigarettes, thanks to their lack of tar, CO, and other harmful toxins.

The EXOH Hookah is also compatible with cbd/thc oil cartridges, allowing you to customize your smoking experience even further. Simply unplug one of the EXOH Hookah pens and replace it with an oil cartridge screwed into our included buttonless rechargeable battery.

We at EXOH Products are proud to bring you this innovative, high-quality product that has been developed and invented by a Black founder and inventor. We hope you enjoy using the EXOH Hookah as much as we enjoyed creating it. Thank you for choosing EXOH Products.